О российской педиатрии.

In Eastern Europe, physicians subscribe to a system based in pathology (disease). All children are considered to be neurologically immature at least for the first few years of life. Terms such as “perinatal or prenatal encephalopathy of hypoxic genesis or mixed genesis”, “pyramidal deficiency or insufficiency”, “hypertension-hydrocephalic syndrome”, “hyperexcitability or neuro-excitability syndrome”, “spastic tetraparesis”, “muscular dystonia”, ” myatonic syndrome”, and “hypotrophy” are commonly found as “boiler plate/generic diagnoses on the medical abstracts in Russia. Recently the terms enuresis (bedwetting) and encopresis (soiling) were diagnoses found on the medical abstract of a seven month old infant. Infants are by their very nature bedwetting and soiling! These medical diagnoses cannot be used in infancy!


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