Какая-то странная реакция на беременных женщин. Я даже не знаю какую теорию подогнать под это.

UPDATE. Ага! Исследование о том, почему беременность считается в целом положительным феноменом, а вот беременное тело чем-то ужасным. По аналогии с кормлением грудью, беременное тело напоминает людям о собственной животности (и всего сопряженного с этим, в частности, волнения о смерти).

“Viewing” Pregnancy as an Existential Threat: The Effects of Creatureliness on Reactions to Media Depictions of the Pregnant Body
Authors: Jamie L. Goldenberg a; Joanna Goplen a; Cathy R. Cox b; Jamie Arndt b
Affiliations: a University of South Florida,
b University of Missouri-Columbia,
DOI: 10.1080/15213260701375629
Publication Frequency: 4 issues per year
Published in: journal Media Psychology, Volume 10, Issue 2 June 2007 , pages 211 – 230
Subjects: Applied Social Psychology; Communication Studies; Media & Communications;

Although pregnancy clearly evokes many positive reactions, women’s pregnant bodies sometimes inspire negative responses. However, little if any empirical attention has been devoted to understanding the psychological reasons for such ambivalence. In this article we tried to fill this gap by using a conceptual analysis grounded in terror management theory. According to this perspective, because people are motivated to deny their similarity to animals (and the mortal vulnerability that entails), when such concerns are salient, they will react negatively to that which has the potential to highlight the creaturely aspects of humanity (i.e., pregnancy). In two experiments, priming the similarity between humans and animals led participants to respond more negatively to a pregnant compared to non-pregnant Demi Moore magazine cover (Study 1) and to perceive Gwyneth Paltrow as less competent when she was portrayed as pregnant (Study 2). We consider implications for understanding objectification and derogation of women.

И про кормление туда же. Когда людям напоминают, что мы животные, они начинают переживать о смерти.
A recent line of psychological inquiry, known as Terror Management Theory (TMT), may provide more insight into why breastfeeding is so seldom seen in the media, and why public breastfeeding evokes such visceral controversy. According to TMT, people have a deep-seated aversion to reminders of the physical, animal nature of humanity because such reminders raise awareness of our mortality. One study found that thinking about death made people react more negatively to a scenario about women breastfeeding in public and made them avoid a potential task partner who was described as breastfeeding in another room


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